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Name: Mercedez (like the car). London Gurl. 16 years of age_________________ :)
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    Mindless Behavior

    Going to see Mindless Behavior in concert at the O2 on the 30th April….YESUUUUUUURRRRRR! *dougies*

    Lool :)

    2 Mar — 1 note
    Happy New Year Guyss!
    31 Dec — 1 note
    Going On A Lemon Detox Diet….(again)

    Need to lose them poundss 

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    23 Dec — 1 note
    Youtube Channel

    Sexy ass mofos!

    I guess you can tell i have a lot of spare time on my hands -_- Due to me having no friends… boredom 

    But I had like an epiphany yesterday which brought me to the conclusion i should make a Youtube channel…I dont know what about yet, but watch this space! <— Lool that was so cheesy….

    19 Dec — 1 note